Project Ideas and Initial Feedback Survey

Whilst it is a few weeks away, the deadline for my literature looms over my head and I am getting ready to send out a survey for use as part of my literature (as extremely current/relevant literature). My survey will be conducted online featuring 2 sections which I will discuss later on in this post.


Why conduct a survey?

I can hear you about to ask, “Alex, why do you need to conduct a survey? isn’t there data you can use?” well… My project is essentially anchored to my course at university. I will be creating a workshop to teach students how to make music apps (assuming a background in music or science), and I have access to a large group of students who did just that last winter! Programming for iOS is a term 1 module where students are taught to create audio apps using swift (apples programming language for iOS devices).

My coursemates will make excellent guinea pigs for my ideas and their feedback will reliably help me direct my attention to the most important areas in my project. For instance I could be obsessing over prose and plain text only to find my coursemates want to see more pictures. My pool of participants will include around 15-20 people who took the course alongside myself last term, I also have access to previous students of the course who have taken the module.

I can use the information I collect to focus my project direction and gauge popularity of the ideas I have.

To best make use of limited time, I will build my lab script to cater for each students specific needs.

What am I going to ask?

My survey is going to consist of 2 sections, Feedback and Ideas. The feedback section will ask some questions about the students feelings about the module. The survey will ask participants what their degree background is (music or science) and what their experience of coding is (from beginners to c++ wizards). I’m also considering asking first language because I strongly suspect people who’s first language is NOT english will have learned very differently to people like myself who are native english speakers. Ultimately I could add all sorts of background variables but I think these will cover all important bases and give me some interesting results.

The participants will be asked on a 1-5 scale (Not->Confident) a series of questions about the module introduction and their use of swift. An example question would be “You found it easy to link the storyboard to the code”. After these questions have been answered the participants will have a little text box too add any comments about their experience of the module.

The second section will feature some of my own ideas for the project in the form of “What do you think about this feature” with a 1-5 scale. Some of the features I am proposing will be interactive lab scripts, different scripts for backgrounds and abilities (novice & expert) and whether they would like to code along or be shown more example projects. Once this survey has been conducted I will be making a blog post about my ideas concerning an interactive lab script experience. I think having a lab script that runs on an iPad and caters to the students personal needs will ultimately provide the best zero to hero experience for all users. At this point my project is steering into the direction of catering for learning styles and optimising the efficiency of my lab script.

At this point my narrative is going in all directions, all of which I could explain (and will) in another blog post. So on that note I will bid you adieu!

My previous entry (about my project outline) can be found here

Last week I posted a video, this week I have a recommendation. I went to go see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and thoroughly enjoyed it. It had a great balance of comedy, action, had great action sequencing and a gorgeous visual aesthetic (and sound design on that matter). Here is a link to the trailer and a gif of baby groot dancing!

Yay surveys!


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