About Me

I am an aspiring music producer and sound engineer.

I have over 10 years experience playing the electric guitar, a keen interest in metal music and audio production. I developed an interest for music technology as a teenager when I began using recording technology to write my own music. I have since gone on to study popular music at university where I studied a mixture of music technology and composition.




  • BA(hons) Popular Music – First class honours (Awarded by the University of Hull)
  • MSc Audio & Music Technology – Distinction (Awarded by the University of York)
  • Grade 8 Electric Guitar (RGT)
  • Grade 5 Classical theory (ABRSM)


Programs & DAWs

  • Pro Tools 11/12
  • Cubase 8.5
  • Logic Pro X
  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Adobe After Effects CS6
  • Adobe Premier Pro CS6
  • Sony Vegas 12
  • Xcode (iOS)
  • Wwise
  • Fmod


  • Tuning vocals (using Melodyne)
  • Time alignment for any instrumental performance
  • Slip editting (manual cut/fades)
  • Elastic Audio Timestretch (For mono sounds, aligning vocal doubles)
  • General session organisation (track consolidation)


  • Stereo multitrack mixing (See production section of portfolio)
  • Mix prep (for tracks being send off for remote mixing)


  • Guitar (Most Popular styles, rhythm & lead for rock/ metal)
  • Bass  (Popular styles)
  • Drums (Rock & Non complex metal)