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I am a sound engineer who specialises in studio recordings and music technology. Please browse through the pages on this site to learn more about my skills, goals and to see examples of my previous work. You can view the services I offer as well as get in contact with me on the contact section of this website. Enjoy browsing and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Xamarin Editor with Placeholder (Using Data Triggers)

Hello everyone, I am back today with a quick tip for Xamarin Forms. Today I did a cool little trick to add a placeholder label to an Editor in Xamarin Forms. The Entry in Xamarin Forms comes with a neat little placeholder! The Editor in Xamarin Forms does not have a placeholder property, so today I will … Continue reading Xamarin Editor with Placeholder (Using Data Triggers)

Barcode Scanning in Xamarin Forms

Hello All Today I am going to cover how we can have Barcode Scanning in a Xamarin Forms whilst correctly utilising the MVVM pattern. *Note: Version 2.4.1 of Zxing.Mobile for Android appears to be bugged and won’t scan correctly. If you encounter this issue, downgrade your android versions (only) to 2.3.2. Requirements There are a few … Continue reading Barcode Scanning in Xamarin Forms

Xamarin Android – Beta Distribution With Fabric

This article details how you can integrate Crashlytics with a Xamarin Android Application. This content also appears in my Using Crashlytics With Xamarin Apps post where I walk through all the steps required to distribute Xamarin apps for beta testing with Fabric.   Archiving Firstly you should run your app (preferably on a physical device), make sure … Continue reading Xamarin Android – Beta Distribution With Fabric

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