I began programming in 2013, using Fortran to quickly perform physics calculations. Since then I have learned a variety of languages and technologies. Today I take a particular interest in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Mobile Development.

On this section of my website you will find the following sections:

My Skills

On this page I simply list off my skills and the technologies I have experience working with.

My Projects

Here I showcase various personal and professional projects that I have worked on, including some work in progress projects.

iOS Tutorials

Since iOS is my favorite mobile development platform, I tend to write things up that I find useful.

Xamarin Tutorials

Before learning Xamarin I was working in Objective C (iOS) and writing up loads of things that were useful to me. When I started learning Xamarin I decided to do the same since the technology was alot less beginner friendly (due to the lack of free, community driven content).