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Services I can provide

From running FOH at a gig to remote mixing of stems you can get in touch with me for a variety of sound services.



During tracking we will record instruments so that they are ready to be mixed, this process is the most important part of recording and it is essential that you get a good tracking engineer. I always track with detail and know how to get the best performances out of musicians for the best sounding results on track. I can provide vocals and guitar tracking from my bedroom studio and I can engineer a drum session provided a room and suitable mics can be hired.


Mixing (remote)

Mixing polishes your recordings and makes the band come alive. If you have recorded your bands song but don’t know how to make your band sound massive, I can help take your recordings to the next level. I will take your unprocessed recordings (multi-tracks) and apply processing and balance the different elements together. The end result is completely dependent on your vision for the song, I can provide clean & sterile production, rough around the edges or abstract lofi mixes to suit your requirements. Mixing is a creative stage of the recording process and I may experiment on my mixes giving you different options based on what your preferences are, I ultimately respect the clients wishes and will tailor the song to you. Thanks to the internet you do not need to have tracked with me for me to mix your song, simply send me the multi-tracks and I can get cracking

Please watch this video to help you prepare your tracks for mixing


Front of House (General or Band)

Every band needs to be able to put on a good show live, having a dedicated sound engineer will ensure that your shows are taken to the next level. Are you tired of asking the house engineer for a DI box or for more vocals in your monitor? Hire me and I will work with you to develop a stage plan so we can run laptop backing tracks, personal mixes from venue to venue and even plan some basic lights. With my experience and vision I can help take your bands stage show from band practice to professional.



I can provide all sorts of time alignment, vocal tuning and other editting services. I have experience grid editting drums, vocals etc to be more in time. I can tune vocals using melodyne including lots of vocal layers so your production will have a cleaner, more flawless aesthetic (like most pop hits). I can take most poor/mediocre performances and present them in a way that they sound passable or exceptional.


Audio Repair

Sometimes you have recordings that you want to keep but that unwanted artifacts, I can use my extensive editing knowledge to clean up audio to remove most unwanted noise. I can easily clean up clicks & pops and can cut audio down (for example dead space in an interview). I can also clean up hiss & broadband noise from older recordings however heavy noise reduction may lead to a weird sound, I tend to reduce the noise level instead of nuking it and potentially damaging the desired audio aspects.



I can get involved in the entire writing and recording process to help you take your songs to the next level. As a producer I will help you arrange and polish your material before we record it to ensure you have the best songs possible. From this point I will track you and mix the song, this allows me to have more creative input and helps us both achieve a better song.


Get in touch!

You can contact me below by completing the form, alternatively I am accessible through my various social media accounts. Feel free to talk to me about the services I offer or if you have any questions / problems I’d be more than happy to help!