Creative Audio

This page contains a variety of projects that I have worked on. From soundscape design to tracking guitars for other bands recordings I enjoy being creative and showcasing my skills. Here are a selection of works that can be accessed online!


Engineering at Duality Studios for The Engine Room

Sound Design

I took an interest in sound design during my second year of university. I have worked on sound design projects for film and videogames and I am particularly interested in non literal sound design. I have experience in both design and implementation of sounds for vidoegames and have some experience using fmod & wwise.


Half Life 2 Sound Design Project

I produced this project as part of my undergraduate dissertation, this project is a ground up design of the sound in Half Life 2. I replaced sounds within the game directory with sounds that I had recorded, edited and processed myself and then added these files into the game directory. The result is a more modern sound aesthetic, this project featured a mix or literal & non-literal sound as well as use of live and synthesized sounds.


Music production is a huge hobby for me, I really enjoy recording and mixing songs as it allows me to have ultimate creative control. Here are a few releases that I have worked on as a producer meaning I engineered and mixed them, I always strive to make the best most professional sounding recordings I can.


Divergence (2016)

This EP was produced as part of a third year module at university, the brief was to simply deliver 15 minutes of recorded audio. I decided to use this EP as a way of showcasing my versatility as a producer in the rock and metal genres. I performed the guitars, bass engineered the drums, vocals and programmed all the strings and synths. I also used extensive editting techniques so my recordings would compare to professional tracks (slip editting on drums for example) which already employ various editting techniques to achieve the ‘perfect’ sound (at the cost of the human element). I then mixed and mastered everything in analogue using an SSL Duality console, the process took around 2 weeks and I am extremely proud of the results.

Learn To Fly – The Engine Room

The Engine Room are a local band that I occasionally gig with, I have played guitar and drums for this band at numerous gigs over the years. The band were looking to record a song so they could show promoters what they sounded like, I offered to record this track for them. Due to work constraints they came up to record for an afternoon where we recorded vocals, I then recorded all of the instrumental myself (drums, guitar, bass). I finally mixed the track and they loved the result!


Alongside recording music I also like to write, writing is what sparked my interest in recording because I was able to completely play my own tracks without requiring a band. I mainly write within the rock and metal genres however I have also produced some more ambient songs. I always enjoy writing big riffs, catchy hooks and throw in a guitar solo as much as I can.


Nebula – Audio Visual

An original audiovisual creation that I designed using apple motion. For this project I wanted to create and ambient and moody scene, I started by creating the basic visual environment using motion and then composed the music to complement the scene. Afterwards I added the meteor scene to follow the music and to create a visual narrative that was coherent with the audio.

Spectrals – Audiovisual

Another audiovisual project where I started by creating some visual in adobe after effects and then composed some complementing music. When I was composing the piece I wanted to create a sense of excitement and energy, I feel this was achieved and the audio react circles reflect the intensity of the song.

Chapters (2015) – EP

Another university project for the module ‘songwriting’, I chose to write songs about some of the experiences I’d had at university up to that point. The EP starts light in tone but quickly becomes heavier and darker. I really enjoyed producing this EP, the recording process was heavily time constrained and I would like to have spent more time on the mixes. However I think because I was so rushed for time I was more decisive at creative crossroads and ultimately produced a good sounding EP.

Redemption (2016) – EP

This was a final year project where I produce an essay exploring the production aesthetics of modern heavy metal, and demonstrated them in an EP. This project is probably my best production work to date. I feel each song has its own unique feel but my production style is evident throughout the EP. Compositionally I chose to stick to my favorite styles and experimented with different guitar tunings and synthesizers to explore metal genres that I hadn’t previously written in. This current version is a premix, the complete production is likely to release in January 2017.



I have been playing guitar for over 10 years and I really enjoy playing complex metal music. Whenever I find a song that I really love playing I rehearse for hours on end until I can nail it in one take. My covers are always live and unedited, I feel this is important because it is very easy to record note by note and then simply film a video and sync the two. I always try to capture the best performances I can, and try to have fun in the mean time. My channel has a bunch of covers where you can see the range of my guitar playing skills.

Buried At Sea – Cover

Icarus Lives! – Cover