My Aspirations

The best advice my parents have given me is to aim high and achieve higher. Whilst I have many goals for my career and my life, I have tried to condense all my goals into 3 distinct yet somewhat attainable goals.

1 year goal

Achieve a Distinction for my Masters Degree

Education is incredibly important and I aim to achieve the highest grade for my work. This is the final hurdle in my educational career (I currently do not wish to pursue a phd) and it would setup me up perfectly for a career in the audio industry.


5 year goal

Earn a living perusing my passions

There aren’t many people who can truly say that their work is also their passion, I aim to be one of those fortunate few who truly enjoys their work. Within the next 5 years I aim to be working within the sound industry, I don’t have one role in mind but potential jobs could be working as a full time audio engineer or as a sound designer.


10 year goal

To be able to work on a major release


Whatever direction my career takes I would love to work on a major release within the entertainment industry in the next 10 years. I particularly would like to work on a major album as either engineer, producer or mixer. I believe to achieve this goal I need to continue to develop my skills but mainly expand my network. I believe I have the drive, skills and potential to go far in the sound industry and want to prove that before I turn 30!