My Masters Thesis #Summerproject

As some of you may know I am currently studying towards my masters degree in Audio & Music Technology at The University of York. I am now starting the final leg of my academic career, all that stands in my way is my summer research project!

Over the next few months I will be regularly posting updates on my project on this blog. With any luck my blog will inform you all on what I’ve been up too, whether that’s what I’m reading, progress on my project or just something cool I did that week. Now I’ve outlined the purpose of these blog posts its probably the right time to start talking about my project!

A screenshot of iBand, an app that I developed during Term 1 of my Masters course!

What is my project?

“Zero to Hero – iOS Development”, Basically I will be producing a 2 hour workshop that aims to introduce students to the iOS development platform, XCode within the context of music technology. If the project goes well there is a possibility my work will be used to try and get the next years intake of AMT students at York up to scratch with developing apps for swift!

Why did I choose this project?

I’ve always had a passive interest in education, making learning more accessible is an important goal. Within the context of my course this is even more important because the students taking the course often come from 2 separate backgrounds, musician or scientist. When I entered the course my background was probably 80% musician, 20% science and I had a lot of learning to do with regards to coding. Part of the challenges of the iOS platform come from a users coding ability, however as I found out whilst taking the module; just because you can code, doesn’t mean you can write a good audio app. Much to my surprise my course mates with a background in science and coding also found this module challenging (something I never really expected). I particularly remember a conversation after a lab we had using MatLab to program some binaural audio, 2 of my course mates had used this program extensively for their undergraduate studies but got stuck because they didn’t really understand what they were supposed to be doing (in the context of music tech). I found that conversation interesting because whilst I was struggling with syntax and scripting, they full understood those things but not the underlying music tech concepts. Part of what I want to accomplish on my project is to design an introduction to swift that can help a student with either background. My project will introduce people to XCode and explain to them how they can use that platform to do some audio processing! To summarize, I chose this project to try and enable students to pickup swift and be able to use it creatively, no matter their previous experience with app development!

As I mentioned earlier I am going to be posting regularly! once it is up you can find the next blog update here.

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