The schools event dress rehearsal

The schools event is less than a week away! We had a dress rehearsal yesterday morning, which made it undoubtedly clear that we need to get our act together. Our apps have been built but we have probably spent too long working on them, neglecting other vital aspects of the session. Our presentation was very ‘wordy’ and visually busy, this lead to the content being harder to digest than it should be. I have since edited slides to be more accessible & cleaner.

Behind the scenes of our signal flow app

The start of the session was embarrassing to say the least, half of our team showed up late and we weren’t able to load the apps onto many iPad’s. To stop this being a problem next week I have organised a night where we go into the maclab and load our apps onto every device. We have 2 hours setup in the morning of the event however I want us to be ready 2 days before so we can sit and twiddle our thumbs! The embarrassment of being so severely unprepared has really kicked me into manager mode. One of my character traits is that I am quite dominant in group work, I do try hard not to overpower my peers and allow everyone an opportunity to lead however the rehearsal proved that I have to step up and call the shots (Something I secretly love doing). Whilst I don’t think my group has been lazy, I think we quickly fell into the pitfall of making our apps great, neglecting the less exciting but equally as important logistical elements of the session. Luckily I have plenty of experience presenting and leading sessions for kids so I think with some elbow grease and a much needed wake up call we will do fine.


Watching the other groups was also very interesting and informative for me. I must admit I was a little jealous at Hash’s group who are demonstrating midi music performance using bananas and avocados. Their session seemed a lot lighter than ours, 30 minutes of fun with few learning outcomes. We never really considered that approach when brainstorming ideas, it is always great when you nosey another session.

We will work hard over the next week to make sure our sessions are educational, engaging & entertaining!

I will spend the rest of the week preparing with my group, I’m looking forward to meeting the kids and teaching them about the joys of music technology! I will be writing a follow up blog after the session is over!

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