Getting kids interested in Music Technology (Schools Event)

Music technology is an exciting subject, we often get to play around with synthesisers, motion controllers and other similar things that allow us to make interesting sounds. Trying to inspire a younger generation to pursue music technology or other STEM fields can seem like a daunting task. As part of my master’s degree in Audio & Music Technology I have been asked to deliver a 40 minute session with a group of my peers to try and spark an interest for music tech in a group of year 9 students.

We now carry computers in our pocket, isn’t it time to inspire the next generation to develop audio applications for mobile users?

My group has decided to teach the kids about the uses of coding in music technology. We pretty quickly came up with the idea of building iOS apps to show off something exciting and interesting about music technology. We plan to build 2 apps that showcase binaural audio & signal flow, the kids will be able to play with the apps and learn about how they have been built behind the scenes. I think this idea is quite strong because it will be exciting for kids, a lot of people own iphones and these kids will have grown up around all this technology making it accessible.

Me, Benjamin & Juan planning the Signal Flow App

We only have 40 minutes to run this session which goes really quickly when working with kids so I think we need to plan very carefully. I have quite a lot of experience running activities for kids; I used to volunteer at a youth club, I’ve completed a junior sports leader award in school and I’m constantly running little podcasting sessions at my mums school. I will definitely be able to use my experience in leading the session, my other team member’s shied away from leading the session which is fine for me. I have always been a confident public speaker and leading groups feels very natural to me, I look forward to getting stuck into this project and delivering a great day for the kids!

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